Emergency planning as a contribution to the integrated flood protection measures

Flood protection is of central importance in the Canton of Nidwalden. EBP analysed the cost-effectiveness of the structural flood protection measures and emergency planning.

Effective flood protection requires innovative, forward-looking solutions. In the Canton of Nidwalden, the authorities responsible are combining organisational measures such as emergency planning with spatial planning and structural measures.

The flood protection project along the Engelberger Aa in the Canton of Nidwalden is an outstanding example of this. The effectiveness of this project was confirmed by the flooding of 2005, when the measures in place prevented the Engelberger Aa from causing greater damage.

The cost-effectiveness of the flood protection measures had not yet been systematically analysed, however.

The Office for Building Construction of the Canton of Nidwalden therefore instructed EBP to analyse the cost-effectiveness of the structural flood protection measures along the Engelberger Aa, and that of the emergency planning. EBP provided the following services, working together with specialists within the canton:

  • Analysis of the risks before and after the implementation of the measures and of the effects of the measures
  • Estimate of the cost of the measures
  • Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of the measures
  • Prioritisation of the emergency planning measures in the case of an incident on the basis of the anticipated impact
  • Presentation of the results of the risk and cost-effectiveness analyses using the RiskPlan computer application
  • Drafting of a leaflet on the topic “Flood protection and emergency planning – is it worth it?”