How is the Jinsha region in China coping with extreme events such as floods and droughts? Our website is illustrating this with its accessible and aesthetically pleasing design. It provides other regions similarly affected by climate change with an immediate overview of the processes and approaches applied.

The website offers a visually appealing and clear description of how the region defined by the Jinsha River Basin (the upper Yangtze River) in China is preparing to meet the challenges associated with water management and climate change. The website’s illustrations and icons encourage viewers to learn more about the fascinating Jinsha River Basin Project.

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Sharing knowledge and experience worldwide

Working on behalf of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Chinese and Swiss climate and water resources experts are at work in the Jinsha Region developing measures that will enable the communities in the Jinsha River Basin to respond to extreme, climate-related events such as flooding and drought. Whether at an international level, in Switzerland or in China, we aim to make sure that the valuable information generated in the context of the Jinsha River Basin Project is available to planners working at locations around the world in the areas of water resources management and climate change adaptation.

Less is more

Conceived as a source of information for such planners, our website also offers an intuitive and clean one-page introduction to the complex issues facing the project’s managers. This enables website visitors to gain a quick overview of the project’s most important objectives and products. More extensive information is just a few clicks away for those wishing to deepen their understanding of the complex issues involved.

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Whether via social media, newsletters or events, the project partners can conveniently share the website and its contents via other channels of communication. Indeed, this brings us closer to our goal of communicating to as many planners and engineers throughout the world as possible, how the Jinsha Region is getting an early start when it comes to balance water resources management, climate change and socio-economic development.

Our services:

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